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Space Engagers enables communities to engage with local issues that matter to them, bringing together observations and ideas onto one collective map.

Our Mission

What We Do

To enable a broad cross-section of the community to support more inclusive, informed and effective decisions for social and environmental change.
Space Engagers creates online interactive mapping projects that engage citizens, gather data and co-create new ways of doing things. These projects recognize that citizens know their place and local issues best, that they want to contribute to positive change, and that mapping is a fun and effective mechanism for engagement.

Our Story

Founded by Philip Crowe and Aoife Corcoran, Space Engagers emerged from research carried out as part of the EU FP7 TURAS project in University College Dublin.
Our initial prototype platform, Reusing Dublin, was adopted by a homelessness charity, the Peter McVerry Trust. Reusing Dublin crowd-sources data on vacant spaces in Dublin, helping the Trust identify properties that can be brought back into use. Engaging everyone in addressing critical social and environmental issues is considered a core aspect of achieving sustainable and resilient cities, towns and villages.

Space Engagers revisits ideas of the Scottish polymath Patrick Geddes on the Civic Survey, or ‘diagnosis before treatment’, using ICT and GIS. spaces, facilitating the transition to an energy efficient and healthy future city. Geddes saw
interactive mapping as away to engage all citizens with their local issues and spaces, facilitating the transition to an energy efficient and healthy future city.

Space Engagers has benefited from a ThinkTech award from Social Innovation Fund Ireland (2016) and a place on the Dublin Climate KIC Accelerator (2017).

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