Project Overview

Enabling the regeneration of Naas, County Kildare

Naas Engagers enables local people to play an active part in regenerating the town centre of Naas, Co. Kildare. It aims to encourage a broad cross-section of the community to engage with the process of regenerating and revitalising the town centre of Naas.

How does it work?

Naas Engagers is accessible through the Space Engagers app, where contributing to the project is easy.

1  Upload your pictures

Naas Engagers asks people to share pictures of places in the town under three categories:

Stories you know of from the past

What they observe about the town in the present

Any ideas you have for the future

2 Add Information

Once a picture has been taken the user is prompted to provide information, for example on what have they recorded and why. The picture and information is then posted onto a shared map that everyone can see.

3  Interact with other posts

Contribute to the community by starting or join a discussion on any post that interests you. Users can like, comment on, and share any post, generating conversations locally and further afield.

Collected Information

What about the data?

The data gathered provides insight into the housing situation and provides a starting point for investigations into selected properties that may be suitable for reuse.

The map is accessible to anyone and it is possible to download the data in different formats from the web app.

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Contribute to Reusing Dublin now

Download the Space Engagers app to start contributing to the Reusing Dublin project today.

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